Meeting discusses Black Pines water

Location of Black Pines water intake, pictured at relatively high water.

Location of Black Pines water intake, pictured at relatively high water.

BLACK PINES — Eighteen people attended an excellent meeting in the Whispering Pines community hall Thursday night (Sept. 17) to talk about the Black Pines water system.

Colin O’Leary chaired the meeting, which started out with a presentation by Wayne Pinette showing various stages of river levels over the summer to demonstrate the issue with the current location of the intake.

Wayne also incorporated some history of the system thanks to Mike McElgunn, who has been a resident since the original system was installed.

I explained that the federal and provincial governments have approved infrastructure funding in the total amount of $896,666 and that a new public assent process is needed to decide whether this money will be accepted (it’s subject to water-system residents providing the remaining one-third via a borrowing bylaw).

The meeting then broke into smaller groups to talk about questions with respect to the system. They wanted to know about other possible options than the $1.345-million new intake proposed by the TNRD, as well as such things as the future need for filtration, and how secure the new location will be from silt build-up and the kinds of problems the current intake has experienced.

I will collate a summary of the questions and whatever I can’t answer immediately will be answered at a meeting the TNRD will hold in October.


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