Colin O’Leary to chair water meeting

Colin O'Leary. (Venture Kamloops photo)

Colin O’Leary. (Venture Kamloops photo)

BLACK PINES — Residents of Black Pines will meet Thursday evening, Sept. 17 to discuss the background of and next steps for the community water system.

The meeting, called by the Black Pines ad hoc water committee, will provide information that will be of particular interest to residents who have arrived in the community relatively recently, but will also provide an opportunity for all residents to discuss the system. I’ll be in attendance but this meeting is a community meeting, not a TNRD meeting.

Chairing the meeting will be Colin O’Leary, a resident of Electoral Area P who lives in Mount Lolo. The committee felt the meeting would be most effective with a neutral chair who doesn’t live in Black Pines. As the manager of business development for Venture Kamloops, Colin has a lot of experience chairing and facilitating meetings and the committee is very pleased he’s agreed to chair this one.

The meeting will include a brief presentation on the background of the system and on the seasonal river-level changes that affect the intake. A quick review of funding will also be provided before the meeting breaks into smaller discussion groups.

Concerns and questions will be collated for distribution to the community and to the TNRD for information. In October, the TNRD will host a meeting of its own to discuss the question of a public assent process for the community’s one-third share of the proposed new intake.

A petition, conducted prior to obtaining two-thirds federal-provincial funding for the project, failed to generate the required support for approval earlier in the year

Thursday’s meeting starts at 7 p.m. in the Whispering Pines hall.


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