Heffley hall in line for upgrades

The Heffley Creek hall is a valuable community asset.

The Heffley Creek hall is a valuable community asset.

HEFFLEY — The Heffley Creek Hall should be looking and operating a lot better quite soon.

Earlier this summer, Deb McDougall, the secretary-treasurer of the Heffley Creek Community Recreation Association, approached me with an enquiry about the possibility of obtaining gas-tax funding for some much-needed upgrades to the hall.

I met with Deb at the hall in early July and she gave me the tour. The issues were obvious: one of its furnaces is definitely in sad shape, new low-energy lights are needed, along with ceiling fans, electrical and siding repairs and in some places upstairs you can actually see daylight through the soffits.

Time for a replacement.

Time for a replacement.

After I attended a meeting with the association’s board of directors, Deb completed the work of getting the necessary estimates and I indicated my support for the project. At last week’s meeting of the TNRD board, regional district directors approved my request that up to $45,000 be approved for upgrades.

Together with $10,750 in infrastructure funding obtained by MP Cathy McLeod, the funding should put the hall in good shape.

The Heffley Creek hall is used by residents both from rural areas and from within the city, and is an important gathering place. It was built in the 1940s but burned down in 1970 and had to be rebuilt.

A variety of community events is held there, including the Mother’s Day fancy tea, Father’s Day pancake breakfast and car show, monthly coffeehouses, flea markets, craft fairs and dances. It’s also used for weddings and meetings of various groups.

As Deb says, it’s the heart of the community.


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