Taking the pump house tour

Click on photos to enlarge.

BLACK PINES — A small group of residents took a ‘tour’ of the Black Pines pump house today (Tuesday) to get a better idea of how the community water system operates.

TNRD environmental services director Peter Hughes and utility services manager Arden Bolton described the system to us, which uses a submersible pump inside a conduit from the river. Water drawn from the North Thompson is turbid year round — today the turbidity level was above nine NTUs, compared to a level of five, the threshold for boil water notices.

The boil water notice seldom comes off the Black Pines system, with reminders being issued from time to time. The higher the turbidity level, the more chlorine the system uses.

Arden and Peter also explained that the problem with the existing intake is that it’s located in a spot that is sometimes cut off from the main river flow in times of low levels, which creates havoc with water quality.

The proposed project, for which federal-provincial funding was approved Monday, would involve construction of a new intake downstream from the current one where the problem wouldn’t exist. That funding is subject to approval by users of the water system for a one-third share of the cost.

If you’re interested in taking the ‘tour’ and getting your questions answered, please let me know and I’ll arrange another one.



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