‘Have patience’ at new cattle guards

Taking it slow over cattleguard.

Taking it slow over cattle guards.

UPDATE: After I made a further inquiry to MOTI with a suggestion to lay down more asphalt to smooth things out at the problem cattle guard, further work was carried out Friday, June 5, and I understand things are now much better.

PINANTAN — Had an interesting drive to Pinantan Friday (May 29) — it was a bit of a roller coaster.

A lively discussion has been taking place on the Pinantan-East Paul Lake Facebook page the past couple of days about work being done on the road up to the community. The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is getting ready to repave the road this summer (and that’s a good thing, because the road is pretty rough) and has put in several new cattle guards.

A couple of those cattle guards, one in particular, require a great deal of caution in crossing right now, because they’re raised above the level of the old pavement.

“The cattle guard, aka ski jump, is dangerous!!” posted Myana Gillingham. “The small car in front of me launched and sprayed sparks as it landed.”

“The Jeep in front of me yesterday caught air! It’s ridiculous,” wrote Monika Leanne.

While those were typical of several comments, others urged caution and patience. “Let’s all have patience, drive slower,” said Terry Hill. “I’m sure it will be great when it’s finished.”

A couple of those on the Facebook page asked me to look into it, so I did. Here’s what MOTI said about the cattleguards:

“We are aware of the issue. The cattleguards had to be raised to allow for the overlay of the new asphalt scheduled for early July. The old road was super elevated incorrectly so when the adjustment was made it appears to be very high. Once the paving reaches this site it will be a huge improvement to ride on the road. Our Maintenance Contractor has placed numerous signs to warn drivers of the bump. Drivers on that road tend to drive very fast with little regard for the conditions. The guard has been in place for a little over a week so it should not be a surprise to anyone by this time. I hope people can be patient with us as we get needed maintenance done in advance.”

Having been forewarned, I, too, took it slow when I crossed. I watched the traffic at a couple of the guards, and it looks as though drivers are getting the hang of it and taking them slowly. There will be a few weeks of inconvenience but it will be a huge improvement after the work is finished.


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