Pritchard to get new grandstand

Old grandstand at Pritchard rodeo grounds has seen better days.

Old grandstand at Pritchard rodeo grounds has seen better days.

PRITCHARD — The Pritchard rodeo grounds will be getting a new covered grandstand.

I and Electoral Area L director Ken Gillis have committed gas tax funding — ratified by the TNRD board — for up to $225,000 for the much-needed grandstand.

I committed gas tax funds for 30 per cent of the project up to a maximum of $66,000, with Director Gillis committing the remainder. The rodeo association will contribute $5,000.

Federal gas tax funds are granted to the TNRD and assigned to the electoral areas based on population. Spending of the funds for various projects is recommended by electoral area directors and submitted to the board for approval. Projects must also be approved through the Union of B.C. Municipalities.

We met with residents at the site some weeks ago and the existing old grandstand clearly needs to be replaced. Since that meeting, staff has been investigating designs and construction and has found that the project unfortunately can’t be accomplished in time for this year’s rodeo.

However, it will be place for next year.



2 thoughts on “Pritchard to get new grandstand

  1. How can replacing that grandstand possibly cost $225,000? You committed gas tax funds up to a maximum of $66,000. From which Electoral Area? And the remainder of the funds from Director Gillis – where are those funds from?


    • The final cost hasn’t been determined yet, but keep in mind this old wooden grandstand is substantial and in poor shape — it has to be demolished and removed to make way for the new one. The $66,000 maximum in gas tax funding that I committed is from Electoral Area P gas tax funds. The remainder of the gas tax funding for the project is from Electoral Area L, of which Ken Gillis is Director. Gas tax commitments have to be approved by the board of directors — that approval was given at last week’s board meeting.


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