Police warn of speeding in Sun Rivers

SUN RIVERS — Police will be keeping a close eye on speeders at Sun Rivers after receiving complaints from property managers and concerned community members.

(Sun Rivers photo)

(Sun Rivers photo)

The Tk’emlups Rural RCMP Cpl. J. V. Toye said the area has high pedestrian activity, and for safety reasons, Sun Rivers is marked with speed zones of 30 km/h 24 hours a day.
“There are several locations, including the intersection of Sun Rivers Drive and Shuswap Road, where drivers are failing to complete a full stop at stop signs,” he said.

Failure to obey posted signs will result in a violation ticket under the Motor Vehicle Act for:

• Speed against area sign exceeded by less than 21 km/h, $138; exceeded by 21 to 40 km/h, $196.
• Excessive speed (vehicle will be impounded for seven days), exceeded by 41 to 60 km/h, $368; exceeded by more than 60 km/h, $483.
• Failure to obey stop sign, $167.

“The Tk’emlups Rural RCMP are requesting that drivers respect the rules of the road and obey posted signs. The safety of your family depends on it.”


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