Mailbox thefts an ongoing battle

Dianna and Gordon Ritchie. (CFJC)

Dianna and Gordon Ritchie. (CFJC)

Break-ins to community mailboxes are obviously an ongoing problem not only in Area P but elsewhere in the region and, for that matter, across the country. I’ve talked to Canada Post as recently as last week about plans to upgrade security on these boxes, as well as the issue of visibility.

The seriousness of the problem was highlighted this week in a story by Jessica Lepp on CFJC-TV about Area P residents Gordon and Dianna Ritchie, who face the prospect of being parted for a year as a direct result of a community mailbox break-in.

Gordon and Dianna, who live at Country View Estates on East Shuswap Road, were married in her home town in Delaware. A form from Citizenship and Immigration Canada needed to obtain her residency status was stolen in a mailbox break-in and they unknowingly missed the deadline for returning the form.

According to CFJC’s story, that means she may have to return to the U.S. and re-apply for residency after waiting a year. “It’s devastating,” she told CFJC. “It’s beyond words.”

This is one of the sad outcomes of the mailbox security issue but many others have lost mail in the thefts and police and Canada Post continue to be frustrated. I’ll continue to talk to them about it. The TNRD has no jurisdiction with respect to the mailboxes, of course, and I’m just one voice, but the more people who speak up and the more light that is shed on situations like the Ritchies, the better authorities will understand how people are being impacted. And, hopefully, make it a priority to find solutions.


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