Committee to look at water intake

Area of proposed Black Pines water intake.

Area of proposed Black Pines water intake.

Residents of Black Pines will be asked to take a look at what comes next in the wake of a petition that fell short of approving borrowing for upgrades to the community water system.

I’ve mailed out a letter to residents who live within the water system service area asking anyone interested in sitting on a community committee to get in touch with me at or at 250-579-8592/ 250-314-7541.

I think if we get a group of five to seven people together we can map out some direction. The TNRD board earlier approved applying for federal-provincial infrastructure funding that would provide two-thirds of the cost of the $1.345-million project for construction of a new intake and associated work.

“Regardless of whether the grant application is successful or not, the focus of this group will be to discuss and develop options and next steps to address the water system issues and is expected to meet three or four times over the next few months,” my letter says in part.

My feeling is that such a committee will be able to gauge consensus in the community and focus on issues and answers that might not have been clear in the general meetings that were held before the petition process.

Please let me know by Feb. 25 if you’re interested in sitting on the committee, then I’ll get a group together from among those interested.



One thought on “Committee to look at water intake

  1. Just got back from an extended holiday over seas. I like the blog and the action being taken after the failure of the petition to pass. I do not have a well so have no choice but to use community water. I too know that it is not drinkable unless you have a cast iron stomach. I do water the area around my cabin in an effort to keep it green over the summer months, volume has never been a problem. I say just fix the intake and leave it to the residents if they want to put in a filtration system in their homes for drinking water just the same as if they are on a private well. I pay enough for water and do not want to pay anymore than what I am presently paying.


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