Black Pines water petition falls short

A petition to borrow up to $460,000 for the local share of a $1.345-million upgrade to the Black Pines community water system hasn’t received enough responses for approval.

Deadline for the return of petitions by the 42 properties on the system was today, Monday, Jan. 26. Corporate officer Carolyn Black reports that 14 petitions were returned. For approval, 21 petitions — 50 per cent of the properties — representing 50 per cent of property assessments were required.

The 14 petitions are 33 per cent of the number of properties in the system, representing 33 per cent of the property values.

A mailout notice will be sent to the property owners with official notification of the results, which will also be reported to the TNRD board of directors at its next meeting.

I will now consult with residents and staff as to options. The project is currently the subject of a TNRD application for federal-provincial infrastructure funding, which would pay two-thirds of the cost.


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