Interview with Mel Rothenburger—candidate for TNRD Area P Director

Heffley Creek Holler

October 22, 2014


This will be his first time running for the TNRD Area Director, although he was a city rep with the TNRD for 6 years.

Deb asks, “Why should I vote for you?”.

Answer: Mel believes that people don’t feel connected to the TNRD and that there is a low level of trust with government. As a director for the TNRD he will be the contact point for residents. He wants to take a kitchen table approach to being an area director – he wants to be visible, proactive rather than reactive and wants to meet with community associations and people for coffee in order to keep people up to date on regional district issues. He likes to be and wants to be transparent, open and highly approachable.

Mel has deep roots in Area P. He currently lives in Black Pines and has had several generations of his family (going back to the 1800s) living in this area. His mom grew up here.

Mel brings a lot of varied experience with local government to the table; he has been in this community for a long time on many boards, regional committees, the North Thompson recovery committee, the film commission, economic development groups and the local school board. Mel helped create an air service committee to bring more air service to the area.

Mel believes he is good at bringing people together and his main goals: It’s difficult to look at Area P and get 1 main issue. Area P has a diversity of communities, different geological considerations and challenges. In some areas fire service or developing fire service is an issue; in other areas water is an issue, or zoning, environmental considerations, dangerous dogs, or even the McLure train whistle is an issue that hasn’t been dealt with.

He wants to help take care of our community and area within before working with the regional district to get solutions that are workable for the communities, with guidance of the TNRD. He believes in working with each community and the people within and getting answers to them. He will be talking lots, be highly accessible and provide lots of assistance.

As an area director he wants to work within the community and electoral area and work with the board for the region as a whole. He wants a new emphasis on economic development both within the region and Area P.

Mel will be the Heffley Creek All Candidates Mixer on November 5; he believes these mixers put on by host community associations and the Vote 50 campaign is a good opportunity to mingle. He really hopes to get 50% voter turn out on November 15.

In general, he believes rural residents should be able to expect peace and quiet, reliable key services at reasonable cost, consultation by local government without over-regulation, and prudent budgeting and cost containment. These are things Mel will strive for if he’s elected as director to represent Electoral Area P on the regional board.


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