Rothenburger pledges kitchen-table approach

Mel Rothenburger.

Mel Rothenburger.

Monday, Oct. 6, 2014

Area P (Rivers and The Peaks) candidate Mel Rothenburger said today he’ll bring a kitchen-table approach to the job if he’s elected to the Thompson-Nicola Regional District board of directors in the November civic election.

“I’m finding that many residents don’t feel connected to what the regional district does,” said Rothenburger.

“The TNRD does a lot of important work, and staff does a good job of meeting with residents on broad community issues, but consultation needs to be ongoing and that’s where the director comes in. If I’m elected, I’ll be visible and accessible. Pro-active, not reactive.”

Rothenburger said TNRD staff have a vast geographic area to take care of. As director, he would be a contact point for the people of Area P.

“I’ll meet with people in their communities and at their kitchen tables on an ongoing basis to make sure they get the information they need.

“That’s a major part of what a director should do,” said Rothenburger, who intends to set up a website as an additional way to communicate with residents if he’s elected.


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