TNRD board looks at noise bylaw

Barking dogs and loud stereos may bring a bylaws officer calling if a proposed anti-noise bylaw is approved in Area P (Rivers and the Peaks) and several other Electoral Areas in the TNRD.

The regional board will consider a proposal Thursday to set up enforcement against persistent and offensive noises. That includes dogs and other animals, loud music and construction.

TNRD-bldgAreas that would be affected include A (Wells Gray Country), B (Thompson Headwaters), E (Bonaparte Plateau), I (Blue Sky Country), J (Copper Desert Country), L, M, N, O (Lower North Thompson) and P (Rivers and the Peaks).

A report to the board from Director of Development Services Regina Sadilkova says that while the new bylaw can be enforced with fines if need be, “staff anticipate that it will be enforced through warnings and tickets.”

The bylaw would be triggered only after complaints are received. Sadilkova says that in most cases action wouldn’t be taken in settled areas such as Whitecroft unless there were several complaints.

Other regional districts have found that most noise complaints are readily settled with a visit and warning, she said. While some situations result in tickets, they rarely go to court.

Two bylaws will be up for consideration Thursday — one setting up the service area and the other establishing the noise control service.

The idea of a nose bylaw came up after neighbours complained last spring about noise from an animal-rescue shelter near Merritt.



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