Black Pines residents to get options on intake

Looking to the river for answers.

Looking to the river for answers.

Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014


Black Pines residents will find out more within a few weeks about plans for a new intake for the community water system, says a Thompson-Nicola Regional District official.

Environment services director Peter Hughes told me he’s in discussions with NorthWest Hydraulic Consultants, a water-resource engineering firm, and hopes to call a meeting with Black Pines residents by October to update them on options.

At a meeting in June, residents objected to being presented with only one option at the south end of the community. The proposed new intake and treatment system comes with a $1,345,000 price tag, of which the residents would pay $456,000 assuming grant money is available.

That would result in a cost of more than $10,000 for each of the 42 homes on the system if they pay upfront. Otherwise, about $1,000 per year would be added to taxes for 20 years.

Residents said at the meeting there is a “trust factor” because of past failures to resolve the problem. They suggested looking at other locations.

Hughes told me there are two other possibilities for locating the intake using other road easements that run from Westsyde Road to the river. One is roughly halfway along the water service area and another is at the north end near the solid-waste transfer station.

Hughes said he hopes to have cost comparisons and information on the feasibility of each option to present to residents. If they agree to one of them, the TNRD would seek federal infrastructure funding, which could take several months.


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