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Lowering of water in Heffley Lake causes scramble

(Image: Recreation Sites and Trails B.C.)

HEFFLEY LAKE – Residents on the lake are already looking nervously toward the inevitable onset of colder weather even though it seems a long way off.

By Aug. 21, owners of towable/ trailerable boats will have to get them off the lake or they could be trapped there for the winter.

And, lakeshore residents are figuring out how to avoid frozen water lines and other potential problems that could result from the lowering of the water level.

Heffley Lake is a reservoir created by the Heffley Creek irrigation dam, and the level of the lake rises and falls depending, in part, on the needs of the Heffley Irrigation District. The lake is already low but the district has decided to lower it another three feet due to irrigation needs.

Tor Schmid of the Heffley Lake Community Association tells me the lake is already as low as it’s been since 1977.

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