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Lake levels, brigades, weeds and civic address signs

Heffley Lake.

I raised several issues this week (Wednesday, Sept 20, 2017) at the TNRD Electoral Area Directors meeting:

Heffley Lake water levels: I told the committee about the concerns of Heffley Lake residents over a big drop in the level of the lake, which has threatened a number of water intakes. The Heffley Lake Irrigation District, which controls the lake level via the dam, decided to drop the lake by another three feet to a record low. As a result, residents have been scrambling to protect exposed water lines from freezing with the onset of cold weather. The Heffley Lake Community Association has been doing a tremendous job of getting information to residents. As it’s a matter of provincial jurisdiction, I’ve also informed MLA Peter Milobar.

Rural fire brigades: I pointed out that several volunteer fire brigades are self-funded rather than being able to rely on taxation. I’ve made several contributions through discretionary funding, but they raise most of their own funds at the community level. Feasibility studies have been completed for a number of truck-and-hall fire departments in the TNRD, and this will hopefully provide some direction for brigades that are self-funded.

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