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Board to workshop issue of eliminating land application of biosolids

Anti-biosolid rally outside UBCM convention in Vancouver in 2015. (Image: Mel Rothenburger)

Director, Electoral Area P, TNRD

Biosolids, and ways to stop them from being put on the ground, will be under the microscope of Thompson-Nicola Regional District directors.

The board will organize a workshop to that end after debating the issue at length during Thursday’s (April 19, 2018) regular meeting.

Directors Randy Murray (Area M – Nicola Valley North) and Ken Gills (Area L – Grasslands) presented a motion proposing this:

“That the TNRD hold a TNRD Board workshop(s) focused on:
“the elimination of the land application of bio solids within the TNRD, and
“the review and implementation of alternative disposal/ storage methods for the region (gasification and/ or sequester) with the intent to end the land application of biosolids within the TNRD by delegated provincial authority.”

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