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Pensioners want statue money given to non-profits instead

Existing ‘Rivers’ public art at Sandman Centre.

Dear TNRD Directors:

I am writing to you on behalf of the Savona Old Age Pensioners Org. (OAPO) Savona Branch #129 in response to your recent decision to erect another monument to recognize the volunteers of the 2017 forest fire season.

It was voted unanimously at our recent meeting that the $100,000 NOT be spent on another monument. Our members (some of whom are volunteers themselves) voted that they would like to see the monies be dispersed to non-profit organizations that contributed large sums to the fire relief funds (such as the SPCA and the Salvation Army) who did not get any government funding!

Also it was suggested a plaque be added to the existing monument. We hope the Board of Directors will seriously consider the fact that it is taxpayers’ monies and should be spent frugally!

Savona OAPO Branch 129